Only DIRECTV offers the ultimate football fan experience with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. This exclusive package gives you access to every game, every Sunday, all season long.1 That means you can watch every exciting touchdown, every game-winning field goal and every hard-hitting tackle from around the league. Plus, you’ll get access to a ton of cutting-edge features that help you go beyond the game and make it easier than ever to keep up with scores and stats from each division. Call now to discover an entirely new way to enjoy football Sundays this season with DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Take Football with You

With NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX and the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET app, the game is in your hands. Stream any Sunday game live on your laptop, tablet, phone or game console so you never miss a play. You can track your fantasy league and receive highlight alerts that you can watch instantly. The app even lets you tune your TV to the game that you’re watching on your tablet with a swipe of your finger.

Find the End Zone with the RED ZONE CHANNEL®

See all of the exciting end zone action on game day with the RED ZONE CHANNEL®. This feature gives you coverage of every scoring drive from every game so that you can watch the biggest plays inside the 20 yard line all Sunday long. Best of all you can watch the RED ZONE CHANNEL® on your TV or mobile devices.


Take the top spot in your fantasy league with DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE, an exclusive channel devoted solely to fantasy football. Track your players live during each game and make smarter roster decisions with in-depth stats, expert analysis and more from around the league. The DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE channel is just one more way to enhance your football experience this season.

With so many amazing features and different ways to watch your favorite teams and players, DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX provides you with a championship football fan experience.

NFL Sunday Ticket by DIRECTV

Take Your Game to the Next Level with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX

For an even more immersive football experience, you can upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.4 This package gives you everything included in NFL SUNDAY TICKET plus a number of advanced features that keep you connected to your favorite teams and players like never before. Discover what makes this exclusive DIRECTV sports package a complete game-changer.